MoviejayVX Music Pack

MoviejayVX Music Pack is the perfect solution to implement a turnkey TV music channel: powerful playout engine, prompt radio-style interface, comprehensive random music scheduling, realtime graphics and titling, popup scheduler, audio processor, everything in one single integrated solution!

Powerful music scheduling

The integrated radio-style random music scheduler offers automatic clips rotation based on criteria like style, min/max date, nationality, vote, BPM, or any combination of the above selection criteria.

Realtime titling

The integrated graphics engine creates realtime overlay of title, artist, next song/artist (coming next), website, album, director, story of (biography notes), etc. based on the filed informations.

Multiformat playout engine

The multiformat playout engine allows to queue into the same playlist clips with different encoding (AVI, MPEG, MOV, MP4, etc.), saving time compared to long format conversion procedures.

Customizabile interface

Stylish, skin-based interface based on roll-over undockable windows with dual-monitor support, fully customizable thanks to the many available skins.

Popup scheduler

A neat feature to schedule broadacsting of sponsors as Flash banners (popup): advertise without stopping the actual programming.

Always perfect audio

The integrated audio processor automatically adjusts audio levels thus avoiding sudden changes in volume depending on different contents.

Commercial scheduling

MoviejayVX integrates a comprehensive commercial planner, a perfect match between features offered and ease of use. Scheduling commercials is easy as a few clicks on desired slots, and you may use shuffle, priority and date/based planning.

Preview window

The powerful off-the-air preview window provides non-destructive editing of filed contents (start, end, etc.) so you will always get the perfect transitions with no extra effort.

External feeds

MoviejayVX allows seamless scheduling and integration of external feeds like satellite receivers or any other external feeds, with optional remote triggering.